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No olympic suspension

THE National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) has claimed to have fallen back into the good books of the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC). This was after NOCSI was suspended by ONOC last year from a three-year-old theft of NOCSI offices at Multi-purpose Hall remain which has since remained unsolved.

In a letter to NOCSI dated April 1st 2012, ONOC Secretary General Ricardo Blas urged NOCSI to re-establish a good and solid commitment to the community, Government and athletes.

“ONOC is happy with the executive’s commitment and dedication to move NOCSI forward. Confident NOCSI have overcome its situation and now must rebuild its national profile and re-establish a good and solid commitment to your community, government and most importantly the athletes,” Mr. Ricardo Blas said in the letter.

NOCSI Vice President International, Ronald Bei Talasasa, this week told SunSPORTS after their meeting with National Sports Federation in Honiara that reports of NOCSI’s suspension was not true.

However, no further details were given to substantiate the claim.

Talasasa however said that the current NOCSI executive during the last couple of years since coming into office in 2008 have been busy trying to resolve outstanding issues regarding the theft at their Multi-purpose Hall office.

Since the beginning of the current executive’s term in office in January 2009 after being elected into office in December 2008 they have been engaged in solving the issue.

Before the new executive’s first meeting in 2009 the ONOC wrote to the President Fred Maetoloa about the seriousness of outstanding issues and their desire to solve those outstanding issues.

NOCSI was told to address those issues.

In October 2009, ONOC wrote back to NOCSI for update on what is the position with the filing of the official report to the authorities and the Police

In November, ONOC concern with no proper report, while NOCSI have already summit the report to Police.

Talasasa said from 2011-2012 NOCSI have continued to follow up on this matter and three laptops from staffs were returned while they are still waiting to hear progress of the case from Police

The reason why ONOC decided to suspend NOCSI was for the three-year-old theft of NOCSI offices at Multi-purpose Hall remain which has since remained unsolved.

ONOC had spent over a million dollars to renovate the Multi-Purpose Hall furnishing the office with furniture, air conditioning, computers, laptops, printers, and other equipment.

NOCSI however failed to meet its rental obligations to the Honiara City Council and the Council evicted NOCSI from the Multi-Purpose Hall in 2008.

It is alleged that the theft of all of NOCSI's office furniture and computer equipment happened when it was with the Honiara City Council.

In addition, NOCSI officials were out of the country when the office was ransacked.

Meanwhile, police investigations into the theft have reached a standstill after three and a half years of investigations - and the Oceania National Olympic Committee are not pleased with the non-results.

NOCSI President Fred Maetoloa could not be reached for comment yesterday as he is believed to be in Australia.


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