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Commission of Inquiry saga

Dear Editor,

ALLOW ME space to voice my concern over the alleged corruption within the Commission of Inquiry.

First of all I want to thank Ruth Townsend for the revelation and being bold to stand up for what is right.

Although proper investigation is yet to be carried out, most of what Ruth raised I believe is true. To say that I am disgusted is an understatement.

It is sickening to learn that what we condemned the militants for doing during the tension, (stealing money from the treasury) is being done in broad daylight under the guise of COI into land dealings.

I think the workers implicated in this saga must be suspended indefinitely, while investigation into the allegations is carried.

I don't believe any of the statements released by the COI. My opinion of the Chairman was high but after he was implicated in the issue, I think what the government should do is send him back to PNG. He doesn't deserve to work as chairman anymore.

I also thank Gabriel for standing by your colleague to fight corruption. This is what people should do, instead of putting the issues under the carpet in the name of professionalism.

To Colin Hunt and Loretta Palmer, it’s not right that husband and wife should work together and even family members. You all make us sick.

Those of us who were suffering from the tension, now I know why the tension is created, so people like you guys can benefit out of our misery.

To Christopher Waiwori, it explains why a government worker like yourself owns a shop in front of his house, well stocked and professionally built.

To do that from the salary we earn is remarkable. But I now can conclude that you are party to all this corruption, so get real get out before it’s too late.

Concern Gualeman


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