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Central market betel nut vendors

Dear Editor,

PLEASE ALLOW me a space in your column to express my concerns regarding the sell of betel nut by vendors at the Central Market.

The practice by betel nut vendors at the site is becoming a practice where I think responsible authorities should have looked into seriously.

In the early 1990’s the central market is small and betel nut vendors are allocated a separate place with in the compound to sell their products.

At that time only few chew betel nut.

Today many people chew betel nut and the effect this product has caused to the beautification of Honiara is obvious where littering of betel nut wastes is out of control with in the town area.

At first I noticed that betel nut vendors in the Central Market usually sell their product in their bag and they do the sell only when people pay from them.

Now it is obvious that betel nut vendors sell the products at various locations like the car and area where people used to sell their fish products at.

I think the Honiara City Council should do something about this. It is becoming precedence and more betel nut vendors are attracted to the site to do selling of the product.

As we may all aware the Central Market is like a garden for people living and working in Honiara.

Everyday people go to the market to buy goods from. I know sometimes people may complain, but hem hard ba because Solo, Solo na!

A common slang people usually give to people who want to make a complaint on any issue of the country.

If no action is taken one can imagine what the Central Market will be like in next years to come.

Therefore, I think consumers in Honiara deserve an environment that clean to obtain goods from.

Just imagine if you have a garden that is ready for harvest and has all sort of rubbish with in it.

How would you feel when you do your harvest? Terrible isn’t it?

Therefore I urge responsible authorities to look into the issue of betel nut sell in and around the Central Market.

Big events like the Pacific Arts festival is coming up and we should be well prepared on how we should present our town to different people visiting our country. 

Benson Tova


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