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Misuse of G-Plate Vehicle-RSIP

Dear Editor,
I would agree with Solomon Star paper dated 19/09/12 on the misuse of government vehicle as it is visibly noticeable that Royal Solomon Is Police (RSIP) and Prison Service local superiors are continually misusing the government vehicles under the banner of essential service category. If someone carryout a thorough investigation of fuel and maintenance costs of vehicles, no doubt RSIP and Prison service will lead the vehicle costs of all government departments.

I believe these vehicles should be garaged at the Police posts/stations so that when emergency calls arise or receive, there are sufficient vehicles for duty officers to attend to the crime scene in order to save the lives of the people of this country.

Apart from the Police Commissioner and his deputy plus Controller of Prison and his deputy, no one else should hold on to government vehicles if they are off-duty.

The vehicles should be used only for patrolling the city and other high crime areas and attending to emergency calls.

The new Police Commissioner should apply the ethical and professional standards learnt and earned from his home country and his country’ss well structured and disciplines police force.

Moreover as head of the force, the Commissioner should be accountable to all government expenditures from RSIP by ensuring the costs are genuine for the course of delivering quality security services to people of this country. 

Abel Tahisiwa


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