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Dear  Editor,
I believe the Malaita Ma’asina Forum supporters and Malaita wider community would like to know the reason behind my replacement by our prominent lawyer Ashley as appeared in the Sunday Star No. 21 of 7/10/12. I tendered my resignation on the 12/9/12 from the MMF G/S because of the following reasons:

(1)    The entire executive have raised concern that the President of the Malaita Ma’asina Forum had lead with dictatorship and disrespect to certain members of the executive who were the first to submit their resignation letters which I encourage them not to.
(2)    Since his elected into Presidency, he forgot the executive and run the whole show with the technical team.
(3)    Tarnishing the MMF by dictating a technical  deputy team leader to send the following text messages to a Councillor and are as follows:

(1)  1st text to Jonathan Zama 0n the 30th of August 2012 12.53:42 Mobile No. 7415670 and the text reads, “From MMF, Will expose your deals.”

(II)The second message was on the same date, time 12.54:13hrs and it reads, ‘On what grounds?

Tell us if you are influenced by Namson. We will ensure you guys and Namson don’t fool around with Malaitans especially indigenous people. Namson is not a Solomon Islander but a floater.”

(III)The third text message was on the same date time 12.54:41hrs and it reads, “Jonathan, on what grounds do you take up the motion against Israel? Mind you we will advise the mayor to tell all members about the envelope of money you carry from Mr Guo to the PM. Is this the type of corruption you talking about? You withdraw it or face the consequences.” MMF

On the 4th of September 2012 in the Island Sun issue No.1261 Hon.  J. Zama accused the MMF for interfering with the HCC affairs. Remember an article titled “MMF STAY OUT”.

In the Island Sun issue No.1262 of the 5th/9/12, the President defended his actions by telling lies to the whole nation. The title of the article is” MMF denies Claim”   A word of apology was what I expected from such a leader and not such a blatant lies.

Having served under two Presidents and a Dr., the MMF continues to maintain its good name which was widely supported by the silent majority.

(4). Overhauling of the MMF Constitution is a priority for his executive. The MMF constitution was a job well done by the very low class Malaitans who have concerns for Malaita and who have sacrificed their brain to put together this constitution. A prominent leader such as Charles should be in a better position to start any group and putting his dictatorial ideas to form a constitution. Where was he for the past eight years when some of our Malaitans tirelessly puddled this canoe? Without the executive, he told the media that he will overhaul the MMF Constitution.

(5).The majority of the public appreciate the work of the MMF so far but harbours reservations when considering the new MMF leadership. People are beginning to lose confidence in us

(6)  Issues raised were over politicised and using the MMF for his own gain and interest, His focus is on 2014 election. He even used the MMF for his own purposes, an Act which does not go down well with me and which we never practiced during the past eight years. This is just the tip of the ice berg.

However I wish the new executive a best and safe journey for the next two years and strength to pull together our people of Malaita for the common good of our people.

On behalf of the old executive and the founders including the only brave female by the name of Mrs, Sangota of Boarder, who gave birth to the boy in 2003, we urge the new executive to best taking special care of the nine year old handsome boy.

William Gua


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